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Wishing my family and friends who celebrate Chanukah, a very special happy, safe year ahead.
Wishing those of my friends, and family who celebrate Christmas, a joyful and peace filled holiday.

My message today is dealing with loss. Whether you’ve lost a big client or a family member, grief is inevitable. Though the feelings may not come right away, they will come. Go with it. Grief, sadness are all natural emotions.

Recently, I lost a client who ended their work with me and my mom died. My mom lived to attend her 94th birthday party, with her daughters, all grandchildren attending a party along with a few grandchildren too! Days after, she gave up. She had already given up her independence and was frustrated by that. So, she stopped eating and drinking much water. She gave up. Although, always the gambler, mom still played bingo, and won, the week she died! She had very little pain. She suffered from Cellulitis from an Autumn fall from her elevator and badly bruising her leg. But, truly we were grateful she did not have a dreaded disease.

She died peacefully on a Sunday evening with two friends in the room with her. She was amazing until the end. I miss her a great deal. I know she led very full and social life. Grief will come, though it has not yet.

As for the client I lost, it should not be even comparable, yet in some ways it is. I liked this client very much, as I do of the work I take on. I was very sad when I realized I lost this client, through no fault of my own. I assisted his business with some key hires, I suppose I was a success. Now his staff members are doing the work I was hired to do.

I think of loss as any type of loss. We are confused, we are survivors though People eventually find their way through grief to good memories, lessons learned, in the case of a business loss.

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